About Shining Light Productions
Shining Light Productions is a sole proprietorship located in Okemos, MI. The company has been in business since around 1997'ish. The silly picture to the right is me (well, my head anyway...the body is a penguin). I enjoy doing all sorts of randomish things that vary from programming (obviously, as this is the purpose of the website) to collecting penguins to playing tennis. If you like my products, buy software keys for them and don't pirate anything. Buying software keys for my products puts food on my table. You have heard the phrase "I code for food" - and in my case, the statement is quite true.

I have been programming for over fourteen years (yes, fourteen). For those who see the picture and my general humorous attitude toward life and are concerned, let me take this moment to say that this is just one of my creative, extra-curricular activities...take a picture of myself with some goofy expression on my face and plaster it over a picture of someone who takes life too seriously and never smiles. If you think I'm not serious about the code I write after seeing the picture, you need to e-mail me and talk to me. The simple fact that I am willing to publish this on this website should say to you that I have guts that I'm not afraid to take on any programming challenge (or flak for posting such a ridiculous picture on an otherwise "professional" site). The boring, unimaginative manager of a company might decide that because of one picture, a business venture with Shining Light Productions is too risky. Why? Because that person is part of a brainwashed group that thinks the way large corporations like Microsoft or Macromedia have said they must think...everything has to be "professional"...whatever that is. I say to such people, "Would you like to share some of whatever you are smoking with the rest of us?" Life needs a little spice and Shining Light Productions, while entertaining, actually gets real work done regardless of whether or not you use the company's products due to a goofy picture.

That said, what is my personal goal for this company? The most important thing for Shining Light Productions is to continue "Meeting the Needs of Fellow Programmers" by helping everyone learn, grow, and become better people contributing to society. As such, powerful products like Nuclear Vision and ProtoNova are just a couple of the larger pieces of this puzzle. The little side-shows of pictures of me are just there to keep things lively and me thinking of cool new features/products/etc.

Thomas J. Hruska, III
Shining Light Productions
"Meeting the Needs of Fellow Programmers"